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Very Old Debt appears a day after applying for mortgage.

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I have a $1050 Medical Debt that showed up on my credit report 1 day after my mortgage broker pulled my report. The CA that has this debt has in the past tried to come to my house, called several times and never sent anything in the mail as I requested. After several attempts to have the bill sent to me in itamized detail, I had my friend (who owns a reputable collection agency) listen in while I called this CA, They told me they were going to sue me for this debt that was well over the SOL. After I informed them that I was aware of the SOL, I didn't hear from them again and nothing showed up on my Credit Report. Until now (about 8 months later). I think this CA was watching my credit and waiting for me to apply for a mortgage. Is this legal and can I prove that this was their intent.

The date of last activity is listed as 06/97 however I think it's older.

I live in Florida

Any Help will be appreciated

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