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can a non resident living in another country be sued

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I have lived in USA for some years, to study. While there I built a good credit history for years and then I returned to Canada. I have continued with my credit cards (from USA) in Canada in good standing and then I found myself unenployed... I had been trying hard to pay it back the credit cards, but for about a year now I have been unenployed. I am unable to pay anything now, the money I have is barely enough for my family survival. I keep telling the bank and that the companies hired by them to collect the debt that i will pay, but I have to have a job and money to do that, but they keep calling saying that i will be summoned to appear in court in new york etc... Can they do that? I am not a US citizen nor US resident, I do not even have a US visa anymore. I want to be out of it as soon as possible but I have no idea how things will work out since to find a job has been very difficult and what I work when the call me in short periodsl... the Colletion agency keep saying that they will sue me anyway?? Can they do that, since I live in Canada not in USA and I will never go back to USA... isn't it illegal for then to sue cross boarder for credit card debt??? Please help me to understand this process... I reaaly need somebody to help me since I am getting sick over this, I want to find a solution for this... Thank you very much

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Ok, I am not no expert on Canada / US relations with creditors - but I don't think this debt can touch you - where you are located at this time.

If you can't pay, then that is that, at worse they may succeed in getting a judgement in the US, but they can't get no money - they can't garnish Canadian income that I could even imagine, and it will just stay on thier books at the court house for - 10 years. And on your US credit report for 7 years.

This will not touch your Canada credit report, I really think you are out of their reach.

See if some others can 2nd me on this subject.

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