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debt validation letter

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I have received a letter from Bounded collection corporation from Chicago Illinois (although I have lived in California while in US... I am now living in canada for 3 years .. I am not a US resident nor citizen) saying that I owe bank one and that I have to pay... AS I do not have any means to pay now ( as soon as i get the means I will contact the band and settle this) , I am sending a debt validation letter to them (the one published in the CREDIT INFOCENTER web page... DO YOU THINK THIS WILL WORK?) . And what happens if they can validade it, can they legaly collect the debt in Canada? Isn't it illegal to process persons cross borders over debts or even call harassing? I keep telling them that I am a canadian resident and that I will pay when I have the means but they do not stop harassing me and my family?? I do not know what to do to with these guys... I've heard all kind of things already... it is humiliating... sometimes I think to change the phone and move but I do not want to run for what i owe but i need to get a job and be able to pay... and I am not able to do this now...

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#1 I do not know what the international laws are but I doubt that a collection agency can ask someone to

come into the country so they can sue you.

#2 Send a Cease and Desist letting them know that they can't contact you.

#3 At the point where you want to pay them, negotiate a settled amount, 20% if you can. Do this negotiating

by mail, and keep track of everything.

Wish I could help you more. I don't know enough about your situation and motives. Do you simply want to not

be called? Is there erroneous information on you credit report? Do you want a clean report?

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