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I went through a debt relief program with a credit card holder. I paid all the payments on time. I noticed about two months before the payment arrangement was all done the amount owed was higher than the total of the my final two payments owed. I called them and was informed they made a mistake in their calculations. My final payment would need to be $63 more and that would pay the account off in full.

I made the last payment as agreed and on time, as with the rest of my payments. There is still a balance albeit a small one, but nevertheless, I am frustrated because I have done everything they have requested. I feel like we entered an agreement and they aren't keeping up their end. I am being told if I don't pay the final amount, they will write it off and they will damage my credit further.

I don't feel it should be written off because all along I have been told my payments would pay the account off in full. The representative and manager I spoke to says my payments have paid the account in full, but there is this final balance. This doesn't make sense to me. Paid off in full means zero balance.

I want to know what should I do from here. I am sick and disgusted with them at this time.

Thank you :confused:

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