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CAs and the BBB

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:mad: There is one CA I simply refuses to cooperate and simply verifies each time. AAA Collectors in Colo Spgs, CO (COS).

I complained with the COS BBB and the response from AAA is through an atty who stated: "We can neither confirm nor deny an association with complainant. Both Fed and State law precludes my client from discussing anyone with a 3rd party."

Any other option on that one?

When you complain, aren't you giving power of atty to the BBB to discuss you and your acct with the Co you complained about?

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I highly recommend using the BBB's. Every time I have used them I have gotten a result. One of

the CA's even said that they'd delete my item but would I please re-write to the BBB and update

them that they provided a positive service. Yeah right...Just do your job losers.

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My experience has not been that great. I contacted BBB about three different CA's. One has already responded and said "no way" to the removal. But when I continued to dispute through the CRA's they stopped verifing. <no more bad lines>. SEE YA!

The other two are a different story. I just wrote the BBB office today about one because it's been 30 days and no response from either the BBB or CA.

The other, nothing from either BBB or CA but it has only been about 20 days.

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