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Can I DV a CA I'm currently paying???

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I've been paying Asset Acceptence LLC $200 dollars monthly for almost a year . The OC no longer shows up on any of my credit reports.

My friends at Asset Acceptence are listed clearly on my CR with a delinquent payment history.( I've never been late with a payment since the day I agreed to it) This month they didn't bother to send me statement, or an envelope for payment. I put a check in the mail anyway.

The debt is down to $3600.00

Can I DV this account even though I've been paying them.

I can't even begin to tell you the hassle they put me through.

I wish I knew about this board a year ago.

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Can this work with a lease payment I pay 100.00 on a leased

car that I turned in and they said I owed 2700.00

for milage and etc. It is not on my credit the only thing they show is the car

was paid of and closed?Should I send them a DV letter?

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<blockquote>Originally posted by techgoddess

You can DV a CA whenever you want (even AFTER you're done paying them.) You can also yell at them for re-aging the account to keep it on your CR.



You are saying that eventhough I have a TL from a CA that says "~paid in settlement"

I can DV that account, and if the CA doesn't validate they have to remove the TL?

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