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Where do I go from here?

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I received a notice from a CA today - it was not to my correct address - it went to my name at my EX's address - then was sent on to me by them putting my current address on it - the CA has "Address Service Requested" on it - but they were not informed in this mailing process.

This letter is demand for a payment on an old credit card debt - live in a community property state - divorced 6 years - it was "his" debt - he died earlier this year with NO money.

This debt is so old that it is not appearing on my credit report now.

Do I respond? Ask for debt validation?

I got stuck for $7000 of the Ex's debt earlier this year and will not take this stuff anymore!

Suggestions wanted - and thanks for them.

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<blockquote>Originally posted by Achinjrt

Monte - thanks for the quick response - since the debt is no longer showing on my credit report - it went off about 4 months ago when I questioned it with the credit bureau - do I have a pretty good leg to stand on?


The debt showing up on your credit report and your obligation to pay are two completely different things.

Congrats on getting it off your report..now you need to get it off your back.

I'd definitely do a DV letter to begin with. You need to make sure that it's a legtimate debt, and that you're obligated to pay it. Then, you can work on settling it.

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From my original post - the collection agency does not have my address on the letter - I am afraid to contact anyone because in my eyes I have not seen this document - they have NO proof that I received it. True or False?

On my credit report - I know that they mix up the account numbers - but they have absolutely no match to the account number that the CA is quoting.

I am feeling that if I do a debt validation letter that I am sticking my neck out. The CA is Portfolio recovery. Has anyone dealt with them?

I am off for a four day vacation and hope that I can enjoy myself and not worry about this! Thanks to all!

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