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2 DV's to RMA (formerly Abacus Financial Mngmt)

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I have 4 collections left on my EQ report, 2 of them are with RMA, 1 with Collection Bureau of America and the last one with Credit Protection which I'm going to settle for deletion. Anyway, The 2 collections with RMA are from the same OC, can I send 1 DV with both accounts listed on it or should I send 2 seperate DV's or should I send one now and then wait a while for the other?

I did pretty good on the first round with EQ. Just got my new report on 7/5/03 and i got 8 total deletes (1 judgement, 3 CA's, 2 government debts, a bad car loan and my Crap one card wich just went down the toilet this year. EQ must not be their CRA of choice) I also got the status of 2 old credit cards changed to paid as agreed with no lates which was a big bonus. I was just going for delete!

Thanks for all the great advice and help with this now I just have to get my new EX and TU reports to get the official total there. Any help on the RMA question will be greatly appriciated.


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Dispute it (again) with the CRA's that the accounts are duplicate and for the same account.

When your down to one RMA you most likely will have to threaten to sue them or actually do so to get anywhere with them. I had to call and go "postal" on them before they got it through their heads that the account was paid to another CA and they had no right to report the account anymore.

Good Luck :)

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