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OC sending me account Statement printout as a validation

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Hi Everyone,

An OC has sent me the entire account statement after 25th day of my Original Validation letter to their CA. This is not a satifactory validation. I am sending another letter on Saturday ( busy tomorrow). Any body has any experience of this. What should I do. I don't want to miss anything. Any tips will be appreciated.

Second CA's CA ( an agent .. different name than the original CA) has called me saying that I must call him. It is important and he opens until 11:00 PM EST ( he sure works hard!!). He wishes though.

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I also recieved a validation re a bounced check that I paid in the past(they list it as a paid collection)They sent me a copy of the check and a letter stating that I was asking for information not required by law...in California.This was after the second letter. Should I send copies of this to the CRA or another letter to the CA.

Thanks so much for your help

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