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Question about Validation

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OK fired off validation letters to CA listed on credit report. Got a demand for payment letter back with the name of the untility company, my maiden name and acct number back as proof (OH YEAH>>REAL PROOF THERE JERKS))

Next step is letter#2 telling them that they did not validate the debt. Do I ask them again to validate the debt or do I tell them I want no more correspondence until they do validate?

Im just wanting to know how serious I get with them now?

Thanks in advance guys, you are such a wealth of information!!!

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<blockquote>Originally posted by Sakiawarner

There is nothing with my signature or anything.


If there is no documentation with your signature they have not provided verification.

Send the second letter. The first one should have had the same effect as a Cease and Desist letter according to admin. Are they harassing you

:mad: ? If they are they are in violation.

Good Luck Hope this helped :)

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