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Since it's been a while, here's how it started:

<blockquote>Originally posted by gobrent

Here's the situation:

A collection agency reports that it has purchased an account from a creditor. Due to non-payment, CA turns over collection of accout to law firm.

Contrary to this website's advice, I called both CA and law firm -I know that's a no-no, but I was very careful not to state or imply ownership of the account...stated that I was unsure of what the account was and that I was seeking to contact the original creditor to verify account.

Each tried the old "we don't know...you need to contact the other" dodge. Finally got CA to say who they purchased the account from, but when I pressed for contact information, CA said that they didn't have any! Finding that rather hard to believe, I said "I find it very hard to believe that you are in the business of purchasing credit accounts, and yet, you don't have any contact info for the companies that you purchase from." CA still denied having any contact info.

Here's what I think:

I already knew who the original creditor was because it's on my CR; however, CR doesn't list contact info either. In trying to find info online, wasn't able to find any contact info anywhere. I think that more than likely the reason the CA is giving me the run-around is that there is no one to contact...because either the original creditor has a) gone out of business or B) has been purchased by some other company...and CA doesn't want to admit that because they won't be able to verify their legal right to collect on the debt.

Question 1: Do you think I'm on the right track or can you suggest alternative explanations?

Question 2: Should I request validation from CB's first or from CA? or both at the same time? (CB's would have to validate listing from creditor and CA would have to validate it's own listing)

Thanks for your help!


The first phase is complete. I initiated online disputes with the CB's regarding the OC accounts. The results?

Account 1 (Charge off) DELETED

Account 2 (Charge off) DELETED


Phase 2:

30 days is approaching on two validation letters that I sent out to CA's. Received both registered mail reciepts back. One involves the above mentioned accounts, and I haven't heard anything...doesn't matter...if CB's couldn't validate, how are these jerks going to?!?

The other concerns an unrelated account. I received a letter saying "Oh, sorry...this account was paid in full. We'll be sure to notify the CB's." Funny...when I called about this account a month earlier, the rep didn't mention that it had been paid in full...in fact, she told me that I owed the full amount. I called them and asked about the discrepency. They, of course, tried to give me a bunch of bs, which I called them on. They have nothing either. On 10/10, the second letter will be mailed to both CA's explaining that they're in violation of FDCPA and threatening lawsuit.

Thanks to this forum and to everyone who provided advice. To everyone feeling unsteady or nervous about starting the process, JUST DO IT! It's worth it!

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