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Admin, this is really getting tough!!

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I received "validation" on some medical collections...thier cover letter states "Enclosed is the detail for each account you requested. Under the FDCPA, we are only obligated to supply this information within the first 30 days of each individual account listed with us. All of these accounts have been listed with us for much longer than 30 days, and none of the accounts have been reported inaccurately nor incomplete to Trans Union. Please contact us with arrangements to pay in full".

They sent me copies of the "right to treat" that I signed at the hospital.....I have read these over and over and find that #1) nowhere on the form is anything about me being obligated to pay them or thier assigns...#2) they said that the agreement with thier client that grants them the authority to collect on this debt is N/A....and each of the photocopies of the itemized statement says, "This is an attempt, blah, blah, blah".....so my question is, this wouldn't be a validation would it?? it has a clause about guarantees - payment in full of any and all charges (including interest charges, court costs, attorney fees, and collection fees when applicable) for services rendered.

What do I do now????

thanks and sorry this was so long

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You tell them that you never received notice via the mail that these collections existed (which is a violation of the FDCPA, BTW). If they tell you they did, tell them to prove it. Therefore, your notification was when you pulled your credit report. They still must respond to the request, which they have.

However, even though they RESPONDED, they did not provide proper validation to you and now must remove the collections from your credit report.

Don't worry, you are doing fine.

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