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Someone Please Clarify?

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Okay I sent a validation letter to a CA concerning a 95.00 doctor bill, which is not mine. I didnt even live in the area at the time they said I had services. Anyway,Yesterday I got another collection letter in the mail. They have never validated the debt. They got my letter.

What do I do now? They are in violation right?

What do I put in my letter ? Anyone's guidance would be greatly appreciated !


Lorraine :)

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Okay.. What do I need to put in the letter? What should I quote. I know its a violation to send collections letters after you request validation. Yesterday day after I first got the collection letter, I get a copy of some printout from there computer. I can prove I didnt live in the area then and I can prove that I was denied credit based on their collection showing up..

The collection letter is the first I have ever received from them, I didnt even know about this collection until I got the report. Can anyone give me specific things to quote in the letter to back up my claim that it is violation.

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