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ok now what

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Ok i send a Second valadiation letter to a collection agency...And this is the reponse from them...

Please be advised that we closed and returned the account back to our client

TSR Paging three years ago upon our receipt of actual or constructive notice of your chpt 13 bk. The credit bureau's were updated ....If you feel that the account is not accurtate refelected please enter a duspute with the cb....

Now a little back ground...We did file a bk chpt 13 but never when thru with it .

According to husband's tu report as of 10-24-02 (on line ) the above account reads

Collection Record

Natl recovery for Tsr Paging

placed for collections

updated 5-98

placed 3-98

balance 115

most owed 119

past due 119

status as of 5-98 collection account .....

So what is next?

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