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Validation Letter Suggestion

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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thought of something today that I thought I should suggest to you guys, and funny enough, this idea came from a CA...

Go to the post office, grab a RRR card, as well as that green slip that has the tracking number (not the flourescent green delivery confirmation one, but the one that specifically goes with the Return Reciept Requested card).

Now, go home and write your letter(or letters) - but wait, before you send them off reference in bold, at the top of the letter, that # that is the tracking # for the RRR service. I would even go so far as to grab the postman at a moment that wasn't busy, pay for the service, and then go xerox the entire letter on legal paper with the post office stamped reciept and tracking #.

Then, you mail them THAT - (make yourself a copy as well of course). That way it shows EXACTLY what they got as far as the letter goes.

Just a suggestion. :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Good thought process to add the CRR to the letter, I might even begin doing that! On the grab the letter and run to the copy machine - - - the letter must be sealed when you give it to the postman and when his stamp hits it you can't get it back.

On the process of tracking, I've began a little system. At the bottom of each letter i have something like:

Internal Reference number:


What it means - hehe well I'll never tell. Has something to do with the filing systems at libraries. I use it for a quick glance refernce to WHO i sent the letter to, which creditor and what letter number it is to them.

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I go to the post office and grab stacks of certified mail forms and green cards and then use the certified mail article # in the reference line of my letter. Once it's all complete, I scan the letter and print a copy for filing and keep a copy on my hard drive. Just add the green card to the files when it gets back.

Hubby says my desk is a fire hazard... :eek:

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