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Missing payment in accounting statement

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Need some input on the tone/purpose of my next letter…

CA has validated with all required signatures, accounting statements and more- go figure :(

However, the accounting statement is missing a payment. I have proof of this payment in the form of the original check, stamped and dated by the bank the time it was cashed.

In addition, while simultaneously disputing the account, the CA verified the info with EQ without a notice of the dispute.

So how do I word my next letter, do I send a copy of the check and say:

a. Hey, you are missing some info, here’s proof, get back to me when you get it straight and then when they acknowledge the true balance offer settlement.

b. Greetings, since you’re still reporting incorrect info and violating my rights under the FCRA, you should just delete this before I sue yo a$$

c. Hi, here’s a copy of a check, in essence I owe you x and not xx, - here’s my settlement offer

d. Hello, your inability to keep proper accounting records does not relieve you of your obligations as a furnisher of information

e. None of the above

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Here is my suggestion:

You have failed to properly validate my debt - I am including a copy of my check as proof that your records are in error. Reporting inaccurate information to the credit bureaus without proper validation is a violation of the FDCPA and subject to a $1000 fine. In addition, not properly reporting information is a violation of the FCRA. I have already disputed this information with the credit bureaus and you have said that it was valid. Each violation is a further $1000, or $3000 more additional fines.

I'm sure you will want to take care of this ASAP. Please remove this listing from my credit report or I will be forced to take you to court for lack of proper validation and credit information reporting.

Then I'd wait to see what they say and offer them a settlement. :)

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