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validated and not sure what's next...

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I sent a validation letter for an debt that is past the statute of limitations. The CA responded with the printout from the Veterinary Clinic of the charges and a separate page with owner information which I did fill out (I had 2 pets which I took there for care) which reads:

"Responsibility for payment of care is the Direct obligation of person/persons who bring the animal in for treatment. Payment must be made at the time of treatment."

This page only asks for my name, address, place of employment, ss#, and signature. No pet names. It's dated 11/30/1992.

Here is my delimna, the charges are for a pet name I never owned. I only have one dog and one cat. Both have their own records there. How do I dispute this with the CA? Also, it looks like the records were updated with my Houston address. I had already moved back to Houston at the time of the alleged vet charges.

Oh, the response from the CA says that they were assigned the debt 4/24/97. The charges were incurred 8/13/96.

Wondering how I prove my innocence,

Snozzberry :(

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You don't have to prove a thing !!! The SOL in TX is FOUR YEARS, for EVERY kind of debt ! You didn't even have to do a DV letter, all you needed to do, and should do right away, is send them a Cease and Desist letter that tells them never to contact you about the debt again as the SOL has expired and it is time-barred.. period. Send it CRRR as usual.

That is all you need to do now.. that should get rid of them for good :upsidown:

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Thank you, Lady, but they weren't contacting me about the debt, I contacted them with the validation letter. I noticed their collection when I pulled my credit report with TU. I just want it off my report since it's not even mine. I'm kind of at a loss at how to do this with as little pain as possible. Also, it's kind of hard since the vet clinic and the CA are in Oklahoma. I'm open to any and all suggestions. I've seen how this board has helped a lot of people. :)

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Like Willy Wonka or something? :)

If you gave them your name and SSN and signed it, it's pretty clear that you were responsible. However, as was pointed out, they are past the SOL. Unfortunately, they can still report this on your credit report.

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If I read your post right the admittance form for the pets they sent you was dated 30-Nov-1992 and read "Responsibility for payment of care is the Direct obligation of person/persons who bring the animal in for treatment. Payment must be made at the time of treatment".

I guess the vet desided that you weren't delinquent untill four years later. But they can only go by when payment was due (11-30-1992).

The SOL has expired so they can't sue you or get a jugement against you. I'd ask the CA for a complete accounting statement regarding the vet bill.

Don't send them any money!!! The account will drop off your report in 9 months. If you make a payment now it will show on your credit report till the year 2009 as a paid collection :eek:.

If you want to settle this account with a payment get it in your terms first. Read more-learn more-ask more.

I wouldn't settle for anything less than complete deletion from your credit report.

:) Read more-learn more-ask more :)

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