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Humor for the day.

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I took 4 days off from work for burn out.

I have discoverd that on this first day that I have that I am using it to catch up on all of the things that a man does not have time to do while working.

This does not include the things I consider relaxing like:

1. Yard work.

2. Lay on the couch.

3. Laying on the couch with remote.

4. Laying on the couch with remote and bud.

I have decided that it is a full time job just to keep up with insurance claims, credit reports, home owners insurance and the general B.S. of life... AND I just spent my first day doing that.

Here is what I propose for men. (ladies please don't be offended as I am only jokeing)

1. Inact a new law that:

a. Men are allowed three wifes.

(1). They do not have to work except

as allowed in 1(B)

1(B) wife 1 .. housework as I am

working hard at work.

wife 2 .. keep up with

CA's and insurance.

wife 3... whatever lol.

Now that I have let off some steam..its back

to work on the %$&*& CA's, medical bills that have been improperly coded and the home owners insurance that my mortgage company can't seem to get right.

Thank you for listening.


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