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I was stripping at 21, making $370K

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Well, at least they're not reporting me as dead.....

So guys, need help on this....

Sent validation letter to CA, received response that they would discontinue collection until validation had been obtained and sent to me- they removed from report. Few months later, I receive a letter stating they have now fulfilled obligations under 15 USC 1962 (g) and may now continue collection.

So-called proof contains no accounting statement, shows absolutely no payments made. Proof sent is a contract, on OC’s letterhead (a gym that has had PLENTY of issues against them including an FTC lawsuit).

The contract has my signature and an old address listed, however, all the other info is wrong such as:

- Wrong SS#

- It has my name, plus two other people listed as members with the same last name as me

- Occupation listed as STRIPPER -- wft is that about?????

- Annual income of $370,000.00-- according to this contract, I was 21 at the time of signing with an income of $370k. How many freaking 21 year olds do you know making that money??

So in essence, this is a fraud contract and clearly without accounting statement it’s not validated. Any suggestion on what route to take? Oh and they do not have an active license to collect.

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Yes I've had a gym membership there in the past-- the problem is that none of the information in the contract is mine accept one of the names and my signature. Don't know if they made it up after the fact or what's up here. Also there's no records of any payments made and the fact they have no licence.

Should I offer a free lapdance for zero balance/no reporting

Cooper-- picture's in the mail ;)

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I missed this one too. Now I understand the lapdance comment on a previous post. You really had me wondering.....

You may want to check and see if your state has special laws about gym contracts. Believe it or not, many do because there is a lot of abuse in this industry. Did you keep a copy of the contract you signed? I would encourage everyone on this board to always a copy of any contract you sign for this and many other reasons.

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