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NO Validation Response

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I sent validation letter to collection agency and they did not respond. I sent a second letter and still no response. These are 2 medical bills from 1996 and 1997. I sent 3rd letter that said they have violated 2 acts. I got the green card back,signed. Today I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and a complaint with the Attorney General. Should I now send the proof to the Credit Bureaus? Do I sue at this point?

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If the collection agency refuses to validate your debt, then they have not proved the debt belongs to you.

A CA has to prove that the debt that they are collecting belongs to you. The burden of proof is on their end.

I would mail off a copy of those green cards to the CRA along with an explanation that the CA refuses to validate your debt and has absolutely no proof that the debt belongs to you.

And keep sending the CA more certified letters of your DV.

For me, TU deleted my collection account on the first copy of the green card. EX deleted when I mailed copies of two green cards. And it took copies of four different green cards for CSC to delete.

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