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Crease and desese

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Ok i wrote 2 valadation letters to the same c.a.

they called yesterday i was excepting another person so i answered...I told them that i would not talk with them until they valadated the account and that i had sent them 2 letters and they were in volition for calling me. They asked if i send a crese and deses letter i told them no that i send two valadiation letter and they are also c&d letter they told me no that in order for them to stop calling they specailly need and c&d letter.....Where in the fdcpa does it state that i the valadition letter is also a c&d letter.

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What the FDCPA states is that the CA cannot continue collection activity once a validation request has been received, until they validate. So, from the day they received the letter and since they have not validated, calling you constitutes 'continued collection activity'. Go to Court and collect $1000.


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