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More general questions:

1) I have seen advice posted in this forum that when it comes to collection accounts, one should dispute everything – EVEN accounts that have already been paid off. I’m thinking of trying this with a couple of paid collections accounts, but I just want to be sure of the method I should use. Should I dispute with CAs or CRAs? Should I basically do exactly the same thing as I would with an unpaid account or would I have to try something different? IOW, what – exactly – would I use as my basis for requesting validation? For example, please fill in the blank here:

“ <<blank>>; therefore, I am requesting validation of this account”.

2) If I’m disputing OC information that’s been reported to CRAs, what action should I be requesting in the event that the OC can’t verify the info or if they verify that the info is indeed inaccurate? For example, if an account is showing an inaccurate last activity date, what should I request from the CRAs? Can I – realistically – request them to remove an item because

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If its on the CRA, dispute it with the CRA FIRST during CHOD. I like to try NOT MY ACCOUNT first. I do that with OC's and CA's.

Its really hard to get a CRA to remove an item that a CRA hasn't validated. They seem to have ways to validate when our validation requests have been ignored.

My history is I have had only 1 CA response responsibly to a request (and I've sent many out) But validation through the CRA resolved with account deletion.

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