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Defense in Court

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My situation is this: CA who I never heard of files complaint against me in court. I never got a letter from them and so never disputed the debt with them. My guess is that CA sent notice to a previous address.

Anyway, I sent out a verification/dispute letter and I'm waiting for the green card back. Here's my question: What if CA ignores my letter and waits for the hearing date to present proof?

I'm also a little confused as to using verification/dispute as a defense. I've read conflicting opinion on this board about using it. Can it be used or can't it?



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Yes, it can. You have evidence that you requested validation and, so far, they have not complied. If they drag you to court, you don't admit to anything, your answer is 'I don't know if its mine, they have not proven it as required per the FDCPA' .. and here's my proof that I asked for validation (the letters and green card).

They STILL have to prove that the debt is yours, bottom line.

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