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Help..Need answers DV with tow company

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This is a long story, so I will stick to the basics. My car, with updated tags,was removed from my property a year ago. Initially, I thought it was stolen. A policeman came to my home and took a report, only to return the same evening to tell me the police took it and to get a report. I drove this car to work atleast 2 times weekly. A city ordinance says the car must be moved every 3 days and this was done on the week my car was confiscated. Anyway, I called everyone one can imagine because there was no written proof that my car was not moved on the report. The report said the policeman came one day and noted that my wheels were turned in the same direction as 5 days prior when he checked and my odometer was reset. I am not a rocket scientist, but if my mileage was reset, doesn't that mean my car was moved? and futhermore, why come back in 5 days when your ordinance says 3? As you can see, there is no proof. My car was sold and now the CA is after me. I asked for debt validation on 1/4/03. Received validation dated 1/6 and 1/7 in the same envelope(before the green card was returned). Initially 2 towing companies were listed, one letter stated one of the companies would be removed. The other letter contains some jargon re: enclosed is the info you requested, but it doesn't answer any of my questions. I received a copy of an invoice ie:

tow $90

Liensale $70

Storage @ $34.50/day x49=$1690.50

Received from vehicle $350.00


The CA lists the principle as $1500.50

interest: $351.78

Total $3654.78

Ok ..If this was validated what is up with the math? It doesn't add up or am I just losing my mind. Please help...

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I didn't think they validated well either. First of all, it was too quick. I also checked my CR report online and the acct wasn't marked dispute in progress or anthing like that. Next, the amount didn't add up. Finally, the validation amounted to an invoice. Heck, I can write an invoice! I specifically asked for the following:

#1- A document with my signature, agreeing to pay this alleged debt

#2-Itemized accounting to substantiate the alleged balance

#3-Date of delinquency of this alleged debt

#4-Any insurance claims made by any creditor regarding this account

#5-Any judgements obtained by any creditor regarding this account

#6-The agreement with the named towing company that grants the towing company authority to collect on this alleged debt.

What shall I do next?

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I would forget the whole validation thing and get an attorney on a contingency basis. You may have something against the PD for not folowing procedures or some type of loop hole and damages incured (IE your credit and the BILL you've now got). The tow company is going to want their money, but you might be able to find Er in their paperwork and opertion and negoitate removal from your CR.

On the validation wanting signatures, when the police have your car towed you don't have to sign when they say it goes..it goes.

In my town, the police MARK the tire of the car for visual verification that the car had not moved.

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