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Coincidence or Collusion?

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It seems that all of a sudden I'm being inundated with collection notices from several CA's working for this one particular creditor (I had three different accounts and so I'm dealing with three CA's).

Is it coincidence or are these CA communicating between themselves? I haven't heard from anyone in about three years and now suddenly (after one CA files suit) I'm hearing from everybody.

Not that this really matters, just wanted to hear if anyone else experienced this?

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Can't remember. I've been on CreditNet, CreditWrench, Fair Credit Movement, etc.

I've also come across info on other sites I've surfed across. I seem to remember reading that OCs/CAs can subscribe to a CRA service that will alert them to activity on your report. I know this because a CA that I had never heard from before sent me a collection notice about 5-10 days after I disputed it with TU. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Consider this. The CRAs need paying "customers" to stay in business. We are most definitely not paying customers except when we pay our $8 for a report. As long as we keep disputing within a 90-day timeframe, we get an updated report for free.

The CAs(some of which are owned by the CRAs), on the other hand, pay the CRAs to provide them with info. Seems to make sense to me. And why shouldn't they be in bed with each other? If they can keep the negative info on our reports, then they can keep charging us ridiculous interest rate and make even more money off us!

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<blockquote>Originally posted by smogtek

As I understand it, the CAs can subscribe to a service from the CRAs that alerts them to any activity on your accounts.


Yea that's totally tru, georgiaboy posted some information regarding this a while back. I'll see if I can find his post or maybe if he sees this he can re-post

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