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Customer Disputes This Account Information

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Hello Again,

I have a new question that was prompted by the question from drmwoman6. I have a notation on a charge off on my credit report that says "Customer Disputes This Account Information". My question is this...I disputed that particular item in person at Equifax's local office about 7 years ago. I was sitting with an employee who was showing me how to read my report when I pointed out this item and said that particular item shouldn't be there. (I don't remember the exact reason I gave though) Anyway, would a verbal challenge to the CRA back then be enough to force them to try and validate the debt? I am thinking that since they made a note on my report that I disputed the debt but I never heard back from them about it, what are the odds that I could contact them now and say "You guys never validated this debt, so remove it now."? I know this is vague since I don't remember the exact date I made the verbal challenge (It was at least 7 years ago though) and I don't even remember why I challeneged it in the first place. As usual, any advice would be appreciated!

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