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Thanks validation worked

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Want to thank yawl(s), especially Admin. for the help in my dilemmas wit the CAs and creditors. I have received several replies to the debt validation letters and follow-up threats I sent to the Banks and what-nots that showed up negative on some or all of my credit reports. One was marked late when I was actually two months early, Barnett Bank went belly up, Nations Bank gobbled them, and then the big Bank of America swallowed the all! My payments obviously sat on some deck but they marked me late. That is caused by the dismal school system turning out illiterate clerks or college grads that have no skills other than cheat people.

Anyway, via some investigations, debt validation and no shows at court I may be able to enjoy retirement after all. This has been trying, but eductationsal as well. If I had it all to do over again I would deal strickly in cash!

Sorry if typos show up, rainy season brings on Mr. arthritis and I just slip by them.

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