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Admin., CA responds

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It's kjb again. Let me fill you in on the details. I got a copy of my husband's CR and there was a med.

bill in collections . I disputed the info. w/ CRA and they verified.

This was 3 months ago. This week I thought I might try your debt valid. letter so, I typed it up, printed

it off, and sent it to the collection agency listed on the CR. The CA calls the day after receiving the letter

and I of course don't respond. Now 2 days later I receive a lett. stating that the CA will make a note of

the "dispute" and that the dispute must be made w/ credit bureaus!! It says the CBs will provide them

(CA) w/ info related to my dispute to verify w/ their "client's account!!! This is CRAP!! First off, I never

gave the CA my phone # but they manage to call the right house. Secondly, I gave them the acct.# I

got off of the CR yet when they send me this lett., it has 2 more #'s added to the end of it. Sorry this

is so long but I'm:mad: What should I do now?? Does anyone know? Thanks

[Edit by kjb on Friday, July 12, 2002 @ 04:49 PM]

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They can't contact you via phone or letter except to validate your debt or tell you they are removing the account once you send them in the letter. This is a violation. Write them another one stating the violation and demand the validation again....they just like to intimidate!

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You're not thick. Debt validation acts as "Cease and desist communication", which is covered under FDCPA Section 805©. You're right, it doesn't specifically say this, but a collector can't pursue collection activities after you ask for validation (section 809(B)). Discussing your debt validation would not be considered collection activities, and validation doesn't consist of demanding payment, so it is legal for them to contact you about validation.

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