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Contacted bylawyer after debt validation letter

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Please someone, I need some serious help. International Research & Recovery (IRR) is a CA with a licence in Florida reporting/collecting a debt for Prime Finance Company on my credit report. I do not owe this debt and I sent a 30 day validation letter to IRR. It's still within the 30 days and I have not heard back from IRR and today I got the following letter in the mail on some law office letter head.

International Recovery Resources has contacted me and advised that you are interested in settling a debt with Prime Finance Company. Please be advised that we represent the Trustee of the bankrupcy estate of Prime Finance Company. As such, we are responsible for collecting any and all outstanding receivables and debts due and owing to the estate. Please be advised that any correspondance and/or payments or efforts to resolve any debt with Prime Finance Company should be directed toward our office.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience in order that we may resolve this matter and close our file on this particular debt.

Is this legal? Do I send my 15 day validation letter to IRR? Or do I send a 30 day to this lawyer or a 30 day to the OC (Prime) What violations are they incurring. Please, someone help me....


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I find that if they make it to one forum to post - then most likely they posted at a few other forums. It is quite possible they already found help - just that someone else where was able to get to them.

I know of 8 - 14 other message boards and see that people definitely get around, what may be slim at one forum, is home at another one. Least we can hope that was the case for this one.

Some of the e-mails look legit, and some look like they may no longer go anywhere like that one I first replyed to you on. The web site that shared the same e-mail name was gone.

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