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Now what do I do?

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Ok, I sent my dispute letters to CRA on a recent judgment...just stating that I was "disputing" this judgment (we are going to sue the oc for placing this on our credit report, it was done erroneously in June 2002.)

The CRA came back stating that this judgment was satisfied & released. (which it wasn't)

The "REAL" judgment is showing filed and entered in Sept 02'. (we are fighting this one too, but for different reasons.)

Here's my dilema:

First of all, it appears on my cr like two sep. judgments which is I am sure, affecting my score. It is one & the same.

If I go back and redispute w/cra's regarding the 6/02. They may recognize that this was NOT satisfied & released, and they will put it back the way it was.

Am I better off for now just letting it show as "satisfied & released" or should I go back for deletion? How will a Sat. & Rel affect my score compared to a not-paid judgment. Obviously getting it deleted would be better, right? but, I don't want to alert them as to their mistake, at least not for now.

Also, these entries are being listed in the collection & public record catagories as "credit cards" which they are NOT! Should I dispute that????

:confused: Any Advice?

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In your case I would leave the reporting alone; since it gives the mis - impression of being paid.

Go directly after the creditor on this matter; try for it to be removed (dismissed with the court house).

Then you can go back to the CRA with a dismissed form - demanding deletion.

What do you have on this company? Did they serve you properly. Can you re-open the case & fight them in court (think there is a time limit for disputing with the court on a filing). I am not real certain in this area - might speak directly with the states attorney on this matter.

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Thanks Kb9tb8 for your help! actually this is not the normal creditor situation. This was a landlord-tenant situation. We stipulated to an agreement in court in May which stated that (after months of fighting) we were to pay $150.00 beginning the 15th of June for 8 months, they had to return our deposit according to civil code and they could not recover anything else including attorney fees, ct cost etc. It would have been a win win situation for both parties.(well at least for us :upsidown: )

We made the first payment by CMRRR on time etc., they refused to pick it up at the post office and they went to the court house about a week later and filed against us for not sticking with the agreement. Plus, we never received our deposit back etc. It wasn't until August, after I called their attorney to find out why they hadn't returned our deposit that they forwarded a $10,000 damages report on the property, which of course was bogus....I had pictures and witnesses. Well, we obviously stopped paying the monthly payment (probably dumb) but they had defaulted on the agreement first.

To make a VERY long story short, they then went back to court to correct the first mistake and filed against us again...that's why it looks like to separate judgments on our cr.

Time is running out now and we are trying to decide whether to just file in small claims or go full bore in Superior ct. we would like to do the latter, but money is an issue......

These people are ***holes! and stupid to boot

FYI we are in Calif.

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