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What's the next step?

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I have sent the CA an initial letter disputing the whole amount of "alleged debt" immediately after their 1st contact and asked them not to harass me.

I never received anything back and so I discovered this web site and send them their 1st DV letter, and got the green card back a week later.

More than 30 days letter, I still did not receive anything so I send them the 2nd DV letter.

Meanwhile the CA has reported me as delinquent and it shows on my 3 Bureaus report under Am Ex.

This thing started as a $60 issue and showed a month ago as $220 and now $300 on my reports. It looks like they are updating the charges every month with the CRAs.

How can I stop this from getting bigger?

How can I find from my privacy guard 3 bureaus report when the SOL runs out on this?

What should my next move be?

Thank you.

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I would dispute it with all 3 cra's. If the ca verifies the debt to them, then you will have them on a violation. You can probably get them on several violations so be sure to keep very accurate records and a papertrail.


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Thanks for your recommendation.

Would someone know how to stop them from adding $ to the charge?

Last month was around 200 now 300???

How can I know from Privacy guard report when the SOL is up?

It shows on my reports as Am Ex, but i think its the CA.


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You may not be able to tell when SOL is up by looking at PG report. Mine does not show date of last activity or dates of chargeoffs. If you know or have something that shows last payment you can use that to calculate SOL for your state. Many states start SOL at time of default. Hope this helps.

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