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What to do after partial valdiation

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I just got a couple responses from my validation letters but I don't believe they are "proper" or "complete" validations. They are both from medical bills and are just printouts of the services rendered and payments from my insurance etc with the final balance not covered by insurance.

So, I sent back letters saying that they were not satisfactory validations according to the FDCPA etc. and that they are required to provide proof positive with signatures etc (pretty much the same stuff as the sample letters here but slightly changed to my words etc)

So my question is: They still only have the original 30 days from receipt of my original demand for validation correct? They both have taken a couple weeks just to get the printouts so will I still be able to proceed with demanding the CRAs remove it if I don't get the signed stuff and agreements showing they are "allowed" to collect the debt within the next couple weeks (30 days after the original demand for validation)



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by law, they don't "have" 30 days, that is just a fun number you give them. the second round should be about 2 weeks, you know... to sound reasonable. BUT they never HAVE to respond, but if they continue to report it, YES they either have to validate or remove...

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