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Should I sue?...Please help

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I had a CA on my credit report, that is representing an Apartment Agency. I sent them a validation letter, and they responded w/the Rental agreement, and a move out and deposit disposition, which I had never seen or signed. So I sent them another 15 day validation letter, and they did not respond. So I wrote to them and told them that thier attempt at validation was illegal, and could constitute as mail fraud under 18 U. S. C., I asked them to respond and validate correctly or delete the item. Guess What? No response. I filed complaints with the BBB, FTC, and the AG. They are a member of the BBB, so therefore they have to respond to my complaint. I filed on 8/7/02. Now, should I wait and see what happens with the BBB complaint or should I just sue them. They have not reported that the account is in dispute to any CRA's. The only reason they state they are in dispute is because I disputed them myself with the CRA's. In addition, they were calling my Mom's house and harrasing my brother, and they only reason they had that phone number and address was because I listed her as an Emergency contact. In addition, they wrote me a letter (before I attempted validation) and threatened to garnish my wages, and sieze my personal property. I thought you couldn't do that in TX.

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated,



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It's time for a lawsuit, definitely. They haven't produced squat and they are harrassing you (via reporting on your credit report). Bad move on their part. Collect your dollars.

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