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AAA Collectors, Inc.

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I recently sent off debt validation letter to AAA Collectors, Inc. I just received a letter from them today. Here is what they have to say.

First it is a computer print out.

Second. "this is in regards to the above account which is in our office for collections. Per your request, the above amount is the current balance on this account ($424.23). Please send the Balance Due to our office be return mail so that we may close this account.

Then they have the items and individual dollar amounts.

Sincerely, Collections Department

AAA Collectors, Inc.

P.S. - Protect your credit and your credit will protect you.

This communication is from a debt collector. Ant information obtained will be used for that purpose.

They have a stamp at the bottom that says:


For debt validation I'm assuming that this does prove that the debt is mine. I asked for a copy of a contract with my signature on it, no luck yet. What does my next letter need to say?

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I got the same response from a CA once. I filed a complaint with my state Attorney General since there was no way to discern if the printout was regurgitated info off their computer screen from the date the collection was turned over to them from the OC, or if they had actually contacted the OC for validation like they were supposed to.

In my case, they withdrew their collection, and deleted the collection entry. Whether or not this was an admission of guilt by the CA for violation of the FDCPA is something I chose not to pursue, as I was content with the outcome.

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Something to this effect:

I am in receipt of your response to my request for validation of this debt. Unfortunately, you chose to forward a printout off your computer screen instead of the required validation from the original creditor per my request.

This is to inform you that a formal complaint has been lodged against you with the FTC and the Missouri Attorney General in this matter. Further, I will be seeking legal counsel for your violation of the FDCPA.

You are hereby ordered to cease all collection on this account, including contact by phone at my residence or place of employment.


Then file your complaint with the FTC, and forward copies of the paperwork to your state AG with an explanation of their violation.

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