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copy of bounced check as validation

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<blockquote>Originally posted by aguilar63

what would my next step be?


next step would be to send them a letter quoting Brennan vs. Spears

”adequate verification” of this debt would contain “an accounting of any payments made, the dates on which those payments were made, the interest which had accrued or any late fees which had been assessed…”.

There are posts in other areas that give a link to this case...the link I have is down now because the site is under construction.

Tell them that this bounced check is NOT complete validation. Just basically rewrite the first DV letter and I'm not sure about the time period...either 15 days or 30 days. I'm half asleep right now....sorry! Maybe somebody else will fill in what I'm missing. But DEFINITELY quote the B vs S case because that's the magical definition of what is required by law for DV.

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well maybe you would would want a contract bearing your signature made WITH the bank that held the checking account UNLESS this bounced check collection is based on a third party (where you bounced the check ... like meijer or whatever) then i am not sure. who does the CA represent?

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I also have a copy of a bounced check from 12/1998. I called AAA Collectors to request a letter to request this tradeline or change status to Paid as Agreed. The woman I spoke to advised me to do the following:

Send payment of $55.20 along with a self, sealed addressed envelope. Once payment has been received she will forward a receipt showing payment in full. I told her that was fine, however I needed a letter from her organization to say please remove tradeline. She claims she cannot do that. I would need to dispute with CRA as paid and to remove. Is this correct? Am I missing something?


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