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No response to Validation, keep moving CAs

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I have been working with Bill Bauer from www.creditwrench.com . I have been using his advice up until now, I just want to see what others recommend and see if I am getting my moneys worth ($50/month) in his help.

I had an un-paid charge off with Associates Financial. I sent them a letter of validation which they never responded to. In the meantime, Citifincial aquired Associates financial and all of their accounts. In doing so, a second charge-off entry was inserted into my credit report. I now have two items on my credit report for the same debt! So I sent a letter of validation to Citifinancial. No response. I sent them a letter of estoppel. No response. Then i recieved a letter saying Citifinancial trasferred my debt to academy collection services. I sent a letter of validation, then a letter of estoppel with no response. Then i recieved a letter from evergreen professional recoveries saying that the debt had been transferred to them. I just send them a letter of validation.

Thats where i am at now.

Am i handling this right?

Is citifinacial going to be able to just continue transferring my debt to new collection agencies every time i attempt to validate the debt?

Any comments/suggestions?

Thank You,


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Yeah...there's a sample letter above if the CA won't validate and the CRA keeps verifying. Send that with all the green card copies or other verification that you have. If they can't validate the debt, then they have no right to keep reporting it. go get 'em!

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If it gives you any reassurance at all, I got the copies of my other two credit reports today and these duplicates of a legitimate collection account were deleted!!!

Now if I could just figure out why another negative tradeline was deleted from TU and Experian but not from Equifax????

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