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Deletion after 30 day letter, should I still send out 15 day

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I had a collection account on my TU. I sent a 30 day validation, they replied saying they are in the process of collecting the information from the OC. In the meantime, I disputed the account with TU and as a result, it's been deleted. The 30 days are up and I haven't heard back from the CA. What do I do next? Since they deleted the account, will I run the risk of it being re-inserted if I push it? Or, if I don't continue, will I have enough evidence in case it gets re-inserted later on?

Please advice...

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LOL. Ok, as per Liferoots advice, I'm officially changing my "it's-never-good-enough-attitude" to a more positive approach by replacing the :( to :rolleyes:

But my TU is sooo bad, it's 447 while the other 2 are in the mid 600's.

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TU's scoring system sucks! However, their score is not what is reported to the creditors when you ask for credit. They use TUs data, but Beacon/FICO scoring which raises the score. :p

I feel your pain. My highest EQ was 693 (I had new credit accts reported which has brought it down temporarily to 670). But.... my EX is 590 and my TU score is 496 TU/FICO is 580. I just don't get the ~100 point gap between EQ and every one else!?!?!

:upsidown: :confused:

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