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Ok my husbband had 5 coleection accounts we did the valadation 2 letters to each

collection agancy nothing happened i finally wrote a letter to Transunion along with a copy of the letters that i wrote to the collection agencies. I called T.u. today and they tried to tell me that they were verified well i asked them how and they told me by name and ss#

i told them no that that was not acceptable i then started to recite the

fair credit rules and regulations when i threaten them with a lawsuit the lady got a supervisor and just 5 mins agao i receieved a fax from them stating that the entired would be removed.

My daughter is home sick today and she was watching erin bockvoich (sp) and when i got off the phone she said mom

your just like her. :p;)

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I just wanted to say Thanks, Debt validation works. Today I received my first letter from a collection agency agreeing to remove there listing from my credit report. That letter alone Pays for the $200.00 worth of certified letters I have sent out. Your website is the best, and your sample letter CD helps Tremendously. I will now order the turning the tables on the collection agencies E book. Thanks again Amy :D

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