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Gotta love the responses

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Just got a letter from Sallie Mae concerning an old student loan they list on my credit report. It was paid like 2 years ago, but Sallie Mae is showing it as a x-ferred to collections account.

Ok, I know they are an OC, but I DV them anyway since I doubt they still have records on a paid account from almost 5 years ago.

I get a response back asking for a copy of my credit report so they can research the issue. Hmmm...let me think about that for uno momento. ERRRR wrong. Then they go on to tell me I need to contact the CRA's to get incorrect info removed.

Guess it is about time to say, well why do you need my credit report if you've already verified it to the CRA's?

Sorry all, just needed to vent at stupidity.

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I know what you mean. It's like they all took lessons from the Beavis & Butthead School of Collections. "...uhhh, huhhhh, uhhh..., it's like your debt because it's...uhh, huhh...not mine."

A few weeks ago I got a copy of someone elses CC contract as validation. So, I'm not surprised.

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