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Ok i'm trying to get back into the swing of things and i have this question..On my husband report there is a entery for a account that he had it reads as follows--1st union updated 8-96


closed 8-96

1 time 30 days late

status unrated all this info is on all 3 credit report from last month but they did not appear on this month credit reports

then on this account we have a collection entry that reads

Berk cc

placed for collections updated 2/2002

closed 1-2002

collect account

oc first uinion

Now my question is should i write to the collection agency that the sol are up and bug off i just got a 3rd letter from then today offereing a settlement..If i'm right the collection account should fallof 8-2003 and the orginal creditor entry

is not on any of the current credit reports they fell off last month

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Need more information - what was the last activity date on the OC tradeline? or what is showing for the charge off date?

You say that it dropped off all 3 CRAs, that would lead me to believe that you must be incorrect on the expiration date - if all are gone now.

Would be inclined to send dispute to the CRAs, that the OC has expired off of the credit report & the CA needs to be removed also. (If it comes back, you might need to include copy of prior Credit Report confirming the OC).

Send the CA a Cease & Desist letter - to bug off but good.

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