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CRA Dates and Amounts

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I've noticed the amounts and dates for accounts on my credit reports are not complete.

For example, a tax lien might say "Filed 08/2002" and "Amount $2500" when, in fact, it was filed on 08/28/2000 and the amount was $2499.80".

Now, the way I see it is - the information is incorrect!

Granted, the CRA may say "We round up or down" and "we only report the month/year", but to me it is INCORRECT!

"Oh, your software doesn't support full dates or amounts to the penny"?

Too bad - FCRA says it's supposed to be ACCURATE!

Anyone have any feelings, comments or suggestions on this?

I'd like to dispute using the date/amount issue because I know the date/amount the IRS and tax board have

are different.

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