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requesting proof

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I sent my first verification/validation letters to the 3 major credit bureaus on April 18th. As of yesterday I checked with Experian and quite a few things are being deleted from them.

The trouble I am having is with TransUnion. I was told by their ordering line to deal with Credit Bureau Services of Upstate. I received an "updated" credit disclosure yesterday (which they said should not be used as a credit report)and on all the items I disputed they have added "dispute resolved - customer disagrees".

If Experian did not get a response on some of these, why did Credit Bureau Services? I don't think they actually verified/validated the items. So I wrote them a letter stating if they did not provide me with written proof of validation within the timeframe of April 18 and May 21 (the dates I sent my dispute letter and received their report) that I expected them to delete the information or I would file suit.

Finally, my question is what are acceptable forms of verification/validation? Is a phone call enough?

Thanks so much for your attention to my very long explanation.

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Some credit bureaus just delete upon laziness or mishandling (really! - that's what you should always dispute things). Or they couldn't get the right person at the original creditor. You are not out of the woods yet, these things may come back (but they have to notify you in writing).

With the original creditor, you should request the method of verification. It can be a phone call, but if you request the method, you will sometimes get the name of the person, and this will give you someone to call about your account (and someone to demand proof from!)

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