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validated but sol expired...

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I have a collection with Asset Acceptance. I sent them the debt validation to get them to delete it from the CRA. They sent me back a "Bill of Sale" as proof that they can collect from me. But I settle the account 5 years ago with another collection agency (Obviously, the original creditor sold the my account to another agency) and not only that but the SOL has expired. What can I do now that they have validated the account? How can I dispute the SOL and get them to remove it from the CRA? (I had called them before and advised them of the sol but they ignored it)


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Was the bill of sale from you buying something, or from them buying your account? Either way, a bill of sale does not constitute validation. Make them validate the debt to your satisfaction.

And what is the deal with this business about a different CA coming to collect after account has been settled with someone else? Is that legal? There seems to be a lot of that popping up lately.


<blockquote>Originally posted by dhs13

They can't verify the debt. FDCPA states that debt collectors can verify the debt. They are the creditors.



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Thanks you all for your response. Asset Acceptance is one of many collection agencies for a credit card I had with Radio Shack over 7 years ago. They purchased the account off of the original creditor (Radio Shack) and sent me the "Bill of Sale" as the proof that they could collect from me. But you are right, this does not validate the debt. The "Bill of Sale" does not have my name nor my account number nor anything that indicates that they can collect MY account. (As a matter of fact, it could belong to some other account.)They did not send me anything with my signature. Thank you all again. I will request for a real Debt Validation. :)

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Hi All

Donot know if this is a good place to post this but i will wnet to court today and i won .........The judge that i had said that as far as he was concerned a signed contact is not valadiation he told the C.A and Oc that they had to prove that i didnot pay........ All they had was a signed contract with my husband and my signutre...........

He did not even ask me anything.

His order was removal within 10 days

and 2500 plus court costs.

Afterwards he told me that he is working on a bill or something so that collection agancy have to be licensed in Pa.................

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