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Do I send DV when there is already a judgment?

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I disputed several things on my DH's credit report. One was a collection account that didn't list who the original creditor was. We just got a letter from Harvard Collections stating they had verified with the CRA and they are now requesting we pay the bill. It was for an apartment that my DH & his ex-wife had in 1996. There is a judgment against him for this apartment (less than $900). Anyway, the SOL is past, but there is already a judgment. Do we send DV letter or just wait for it to drop off the report (11/03)? Can they continue to come after him? He lived in IL at the time, and I'm not sure what is considered proper service, but he didn't know about this judgment until we got his credit report. My first instinct was to send DV, but I'm confused since there is already a judgment. Any help would be appreciated.

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