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Help...Need Suggestions for CA

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Started by disputing 5 medical collections on DH's report with the cra's. EQ deleted all but 2, EXP & TU verified all of them. 2nd round sent DV letter to CA, which they signed for on 4/24. Received green card back and disputed again with CRA's. EQ has since updated the 2 to show paid, EXP has verified all 5 again but shows in dispute by consumer per FDCPA and TU just says they verified all 5 but don't list in dispute. Sent 2nd DV letter demanding validation or removal (this was before I knew the status from the cra's). Sent letter on 6/2 and they still have not signed for the letter. On Saturday, we received computer printouts along with original signatures for all 5 of the accounts. There was nothing else in the envelope and the envelope itself was a plain white envelope with only a PO BOX for a return address. There is no company name or anything to say where the information actually came from. I know this isn't complete validation, because the balances they say are owed do not match the balances listed on the printouts. I have the CA on violations for verifying with TU and not showing in dispute, also on EXP I have 1 that they didn't show in dispute right away but quickly changed and last of all 2 of the accounts they updated with EQ as paid in full but they still have a balance owed on EXP & TU (isn't this a violation also for incorrect information). I know from Whychat, that these fall under the 4 year UCC statute for goods & services, so they are all out of that, but I want to get them removed from his reports. My question is, what should my next step be on these? Should I let them know that I have them on several violations and demand deletion/ITS? We now know that the claims are valid with the exception of the additional fees that they have added on. Also, because these are medical, we are finally in a position to pay if necessary for deletion, but have learned on this board that doesn't always work. Any ideas or suggestions as to where to go from here are greatly appreciated.


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