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Ok Kristy

I've got some responses from some of my debt valadtion letters. So what i've decided to do is to write them to see if they will accept a settlement and remove the entires from my report as 2 of the entires still have 5 years to stay on my report. These are all collection accounts none of them are being report by the orginal creditor. I have one that is do to fallof next year july 2003 so i'm not gonna worry about that . I'm just worreid about the other ones that are supoose to stay on for another 5 years... I cannot seem to find a letter from the cd that i have from you... Can you point me in the right direction...

#2 One of the collection agency said the account was purchased the other said assisned, what is the difference btw the two.

#3 hoe do i tell if they can collect

in the state of Pa?

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Lisa which letter are you looking for?

You can only tell if the debt is assigned or purchased by asking for this information.

I'd start with the BBB in your state and ask them who is responsible for licensing collection agencies, then give them a call.

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Settlement offer letter . I want to make a sttlement offere but i have no idea how to word it so that they remove all negagtive info when they get my money as the debt has another 5 year to go on my report and we are trying to get a loan.

Also the info that i have is that the collection account was assigned to them.

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This is posted on the website...


NEVER settle a debt with a creditor without getting it in writing from them. Here is a letter you can send them to sign. Be sure to insert your terms for the debt within, and don’t pay it until you received an original copy with a signature on it.

Max Creditor, referred to as CREDITOR and Jane Doe, referred to as DEBTOR, agree to compromise the indebtedness as between them. CREDITOR, hereby agrees to compromise the indebtedness due the CREDITOR on the following terms and conditions:

The CREDITOR and the DEBTOR agree that the present debt due is $1436.18 (one thousand four hundred thirty six & 18/100 dollars). The parties agree that the CREDITOR shall accept the sum of $1000.00 (one thousand & no/100 dollars) as full payment on the debt. The acceptance of the payment will serve as a complete discharge of all monies due. The payment shall be made in cash.

This compromise is expressly conditioned upon the payment being received by <date>. If the DEBTOR fails to pay the compromised amount by <date>, the original amount owed by the DEBTOR will be reinstated in full, and immediately due.

Max Creditor hereby declares that he is authorized to act as an agent of the credit agency.

This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, and assignees.

Dated: [TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB]

Signature: [TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB]

Max Creditor


Signature: [TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB][TAB]

Jane Doe


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