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I talked with a mortgage broker and we can get a loan as soon as two charge off accounts are paid.

One for Chrysler and one for first national bank of Marin.

Does anyone know how these guys are on settlements? Chrylser is actually been sent to a lawyer and I'm paying $50 bucks a month towards the debt. FN is with Arrow Financial I think, although its listed under the OC on the CR.

Chrysler actual amount $1420 with the interest its 2500, I was told back in Jan that the lawyer could offer a settlement to Chrysler on my behalf for $1900, but I didn't do it.

FN is 402 on CR, Arrow said with interest it was 5 something and told me back in Feb that they could take a settlement for $500 if I could pay it by a certain date. Didn't have the money so I didn't.

Don't have the funds now either but while I was working on getting them I wondered if anyone had any advice, experience, or whatever that they could give me.


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Actually, I must confess that I don't use the e-mail notification - since I have so many posts my e-mail would of went belly up and died months ago if I had even went there. lol

I do look to the top right and click on view your posts and go back through them quite often. Also like the other one, view unanswered posts.

Once in a while I will mark one for notification - but they are far and in between. So as of yet I have not recieved any e-mails on past ones. I know sometime back, Morrow pointed out that e-mail was not working properly on the old boards before we go here, so I am wondering if even with the new board - that the old posts just can't be fixed.

Let me test something out though, since I do have moderator abilities to edit - I can go back and turn e-mail notification on for some old ones to test then see what happens once someone responds or bumps.

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