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Settlement/chargeoff - misc questions


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Okay, this is a long one, but I have been doing research for several days, and have pulled all three reports. My scores are curently 619, 519, and 598 - but I also have 11 CI's over the last two years, five of which come off next month. I now have three key items remaining on my credit reports to address:

1: Sprint PCS charge-off $455 - now being handled by CA

2: Verizon collections $259 - now being handled by CA

3: Currently active credit card with 1 30-day late

For #1 - I do not dispute this debt, it is money I owed to Sprint and did not pay. The CA handling it has previously made an 80% settlement offer, I know I can do better.

For #2 - I do not dispute this debt, it is money I owed to Verizon and did not pay, it was then turned over to a CA which I ignored, and it appears it has now been sold/transfered to another CA. However, the CRA's show the first CA and not the new one. I just got my first correspondence from the new CA last week.

I don't see the need to dispute any of this as not mine, or attempt validation, as that is not in question. All I want is to get it off my reports. I'm going to attempt to settle these amounts and ask for deletion - but if that fails, I don't see any reason to dispute the items while they are still open. I'm guessing it would be better to let them change to paid and then dispute them in hopes that the request will go unanswered and the item will be removed. What I'm getting at is that as long as the balance is outstanding, I think if I were to successfully dispute, the item would come back again shortly anyways. Any thoughts on this?

As far as #3 - I don't want the account to be deleted completely, I just want to remove the 30 day late payment. It was a credit card that was sold to another bank - but with the awful customer service experiences I have gone through so far, I don't think I can possibly get anywhere with a goodwill letter. Any other ideas for this one?

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