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First Time Settleing..Help


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CITIBANK has passed my debts to a CA..I called the CA and they told me they would take every negative off and put paid as agreed if I paid the full 900.00..I told her I would give 700.00 but she said they would then have to put paid settlement..I know they can put whatever they want if they want to..Since this is my first offer should I:

1 keep persuading for 700.00 and get it cleared or take the offer..

2 Or should I validate,but it is only a 1 year old account..

3 Wait another year and then negociate with them..I'm in no hurry, and think I can get it validated or at least they will settle for a less amount..

Everyone let me know which you would do..

4. Try and validate it and at the same time dispute it with CB to see if either will take it off then negotiate..


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