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have you had luck with good will letters to Cap One?


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I have 2 accounts with cap one that were verified. Should I write them a goodwill letter to settle? Has anyone ever settled with them while a CA has the account? We owe over 2,100.00 but NCO sent us a letter stating they would settle for 1130.00 for one of the accounts. What should I do? Liz

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I just recently had an experience with Cap 1 myself.

I have 2 cards with them, one for about 4 years, one for the last 2.

The older card had multiple late pays because of a work layoff, but I've been current for almost 2 years on it.

Well, I sent of a goodwill letter, and just for kicks, disputed it as never late with the CRA at the same time.

Well, about 2 weeks after I sent the goodwill letter I got a snail mail from Eugene Cook at Cap 1 saying, sorry the information was correct and they can't change it. I was kinda bummed.

Then I get the notice from Experian that my credit file has been updated.

Lo and Behold the late pays went buh bye on the CRA reports.

So, I guess the point of the ramble is, it couldn't hurt. It worked for me!

Good luck

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